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On the trail of nature

Since time immemorial, we have been influenced by nature and find peace in it. It is and remains timeless and permanent in its beauty. As a muse, she has kissed artists of all eras and styles and has had a lasting influence on their works. Our nature posters give you impressions of our environment, which can be colourful, black and white or in muted shades, depending on your taste. Nature posters are highly diverse in their expression: the colourful illustrations from Ernst Haeckel’s ‘Art Forms in Nature’ can be perfectly combined with vintage furniture, while nature photographs in soft beige tones radiate tranquillity in their modern straightforwardness.

Bring the outside inside – nature on the wall

As colourful as nature can be, it can still be captured very stylishly in a black-and-white photograph. The focus then shifts from colour to form, revealing completely new compositional aspects. Nature posters in black and white ensure a harmonious overall impression, regardless of the style of your home. It is precisely the contrast that attracts the eye of the observer. You can round off what your nature poster expresses with a matching picture frame, directly from our frame manufacture. Choose between removable frames made of solid wood or frames made of aluminium, in different colours and sizes. This way, you can quickly transform a nature poster into a museum-like work of art and give it an even more valuable touch.

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