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Vincent van Gogh

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Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh posters – pictures strong and fluent

As founder of expressionism of the early 20th century, Vincent van Gogh became famous mainly by his most important picture “sun flowers” and “night of the stars”. Last but not least because of his typical style of life and pain in his self-portraits and landscapes. With an art print or poster of Vincent van Gogh you get for your home unique pictures, which are overflowing with emotion and colour.

Vincent van Gogh – “night cafe” and “night of stars” as art print

The variance at the works of van Gogh are big. The pictures of sun flowers or “night café” shows a spectrum that ranges from dusk and melancholy to bright and loose shades. But all are full of expressiveness and a deep understanding for the pictured scene. Get for yourself the multiplicity of the works of Vincent van Gogh with our art prints and wall pictures.

Vincent van Gogh – uneasy and problematical

The artist van Gogh was born 1853 in the Netherlands. He was impressed by difficult family affairs and his rigorous father. The problematical affairs of this melancholic artist are only known today, because of the detailed correspondence with his brother – van Gogh died from suicide. The works and the correspondence with his brother are reflecting the deeply split psychic life of this artist.