Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt

An artist ahead of his time

The Austrian artist Gustav Klimt is now considered one of the most influential artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. At the time, however, his work was highly controversial thanks to its sensual and erotic nature! His beautiful expressionist paintings offer so much more than a peek of bare flesh though, with their signature spiral patterned surroundings, vivid use of colours and tender qualities.

In fact, Gustav Klimt paintings would today more likely be considered romantic than overtly shocking, with famous works such as ‘The Kiss’ and ‘The Virgin’ gracing boudoirs around the world. Choose your own dream-like Gustav Klimt prints for your home and you’ll be treating yourself to stunning art with new and interesting details to notice every day…

Delicate portraits

Gustav Klimt has created many much-loved portraits. His flowing figures and gentle faces often appear to float through a beautiful, other-worldly background. His paintings range from innocent scenes such as ’Mother with child’ to more sensual images, such as ‘Water serpents II’ and ‘Nuda Veritas’. His use of golden tones gives many of his portraits a distinctive glow.

Capturing the feeling of nature

It was his nude portraits that caused such a stir during his lifetime, but Gustav Klimt also created some gorgeous expressionist paintings of the natural world. Rather than accurately capture the details of the landscape, he instead evokes the feeling of being right there yourself. Stroll through the woods on an autumn day in ‘Beech Forest I‘, breathe in the heady fragrance of summer flowers in ‘Garden with Sunflowers ‘or listen to the gentle ripples of the waves ‘On Attersee Lake‘. Choose a print to complement your colour scheme or simply go with your gut and choose your favourite Gustav Klimt!

A range of materials to choose from

With a little thought, you can enhance the finish of your Gustav Klimt print by choosing the perfect material for it. Of course, nothing gives your pictures that authentic museum style better than printing on canvas and framing in a floating shadow frames. However, the bold colours in many of these images would look wonderful printed on acrylic glass for a glossy in depth effect or slender aluminium for a colour intensive finish.

If your budget is tight then high-quality photo paper gives a great finish – and you can even frame it for a more luxurious and professional effect. They are so affordable you can splash out on a whole range of prints!