Dirk h. Wendt

Dirk h. Wendt

Dirk h. Wendt creates his works with graphic design methods and skills as well as with the aid of digital techniques. His starting materials are photographs and other original media.  

Typical for the WENDT CREATIVE COLLECTION is the structured highlighting of natural shapes and colours, or at other points a deliberate blurring of details that recalls watercolour paintings. The resulting colour spectrums and pigment fracturing create fascinating, fresh nuances and striking new aspects. The pictures come with a highly decorative quality that unfolds its full effect above all in large formats.

Originally from Oldenburg in northern Germany, Dirk h. Wendt studied in Berlin and today lives and works in Dietzenbach-Steinberg in central Germany.

Even as a child he was keen on drawing – inspired by his father’s sketchbooks. Later, at grammar school, his art teachers Heino Johannsen and Hein Bredendiek – themselves noted artists – trained both his artistic eye and his practical skills. He continued professionally in the same vein, qualifying first as a typesetter and typographer, then gaining a diploma in Marketing and Communications at the Staatl. Akademie für Grafik, Druck und Werbung (State Academy for Graphic Design, Printing and Advertising) in Berlin.

His work as a creative director in communications led to further burst in inspired design and creativity. It also spurred his delight in bold, attractive and also unusual subject matter.