Writing about yourself is always hard. My name is Sergejs Sinajevs. Living place is Riga, Latvia. Not very creative atmosphere for people like me. Art is not that much appreciated here, so almost all of my works are headed to Europe and USA, Canada etc.

I am an 22 year old illustrator, working in different medias, like digital illustrations, photography, with almost 4 years of experience in those medias. As well as an art director of the latvian Les Nouvelles Esthetiques recently.

Among my clients were:

Mango, Veromoda, Imuze, Bud of Californie, Yodi studio, 82 fresh (clothes) and Digital Creative Arts, Les nouvelles Esthetiques (magazines)

I use only and only Photoshop for my pieces. Almost all of my works have real photos as a reference. I do not use any kind of filters, or any other rasterizers or vectorizers :D My inspiration for colors is music, sex and chocolate, those are the main things I´m living for.

Find out more about me at: or