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  Modern Art
Modern Art
Modern Art

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Modern art - create a style statement

Modern art, which began to develop in the last decade of the 19th century, today encompasses an almost unimaginable number of styles, art trends and tendencies. With their multitude of forms, modern art offerings are also extremely diverse nowadays. As a result, modern art ranges from early impressionism through to individual works from abstract expressionism and even post-modern contemporary art styles. At Posterlounge, you can discover the finest modern artworks from the comfort of your own home, in the form of art prints, posters and wall art. Make a purposeful, stylish statement with an art print of a modern painting and create individual interior design concepts to suit your requirements. You will find exactly what you are looking for in our online poster shop - see for yourself!

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Our most popular artists of modern art

Vincent van Gogh
Claude Monet
Gustav Klimt
Franz Marc
Gerhard Kraus
Wassily Kandinsky
Alfons Mucha
Edvard Munch

Modern art prints - for your perfect picture!

The diversity and individuality of modern art means that there are great design options with modern artworks and fine art prints. With art prints and canvases, or even posters from Posterlounge, you can let your design ambitions and creative ideas run wild and emphasize the truly individual features through abstract, expressionist or avant-garde fine art prints - whether for private or public rooms - we can provide you with the perfect picture to suit you!

Art is shaped by the personalities of the artists

Modern art is characterised above all by the personalities of the artists. Pictures no longer stand alone and isolated as works of art but nowadays they are mostly used in different contexts, as well as in relation to the artists themselves. What would the paintings of Vincent van Gogh be without the legend of his cut off ear, or pop art without the luminous personalities and eccentrics such as Andy Warhol? Modern art is firmly tied to the personalities of the painters. The reputation of some prominent paintings from the modern era can also be partly defined by the artists who created them. For instance, the action painting of a Jackson Pollock or the legend of Claude Monet’s eye disease. The art historical significance of paintings is undisputed but part of the magic comes initially from the artists themselves.