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Grab a bargain in our poster sale!

Want great value for money? Looking for a bargain? Our selection of cheap wall art offers popular posters at affordable prices – so there’s no need to shell out more for your favourite prints! You’ll find a great range of categories including football, films, music, comics and original artworks. Just take a look to find your bargains today.

Save money on prints of your favourite stars

Many of our cheap posters feature A-list faces, perfect for teenagers who want to hang pictures of their favourite actors or pop stars. Young fans will love prints of their favourite heartthrobs, from Justin Bieber and One Direction to Jessie J and Jennifer Lawrence. And the great thing about choosing cheap posters is that you can change them as the trends come and go. Are the kids too grown up for Minions posters like ‘Despicable Me – Banana’ now? They can easily move on to cool Avengers prints like ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron – Encounter’ without spending all of their pocket money! And it’s not just youngsters who love to be surrounded by their idols – you can hang posters of the stars at any age! Love Game of Thrones? Star Wars? Football? They’re all here. Or maybe you want to revisit your youth with a retro comic book print? They’d look great in a games room or study. If you’re looking for something more girly, we love vintage prints of stars like Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop.

Cheap posters for every room

You’ll find something for every room in the house in our sale. You can decorate nurseries for little ones with cute prints, such as ‘Disney Fairies – Flowers’ or ‘The Rainbow Fish’. Bedrooms of older children can be covered in cheap posters to reflect their interests and really make the space their own – whether they love music, films or sports. For an adult’s bedroom, you can choose romantic contemporary works, such as ‘Heart of the Rose’, while a vintage VW camper print, such as ‘VW Californian Camper – route one’ would be a fantastic inspiration hung in the hallway. For your living room, you can choose cheap posters of beautiful art prints, such as ‘Paris’ or ‘One tulip’ to create an elegant style.

Printed on premium photo paper

To keep your prints as affordable as possible, sale posters are printed on our high-quality photo paper, which gives an excellent performance-price ratio. Hang your posters straight onto your wall or have them framed to enhance their appearance – cheap posters can look a million dollars in the right frame!