Henri Rousseau

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Henri Rousseau

French impressionist with a childlike style

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau was a self-taught French painter whose simple, primitive style was both derided and admired. But with Pablo Picasso among his fans, he can’t be too far wrong! He became an artist relatively late in life and, while his painting style showed a lack of formal training, it is perhaps that childlike use of colour and perspective that makes Henri Rousseau artwork so unique.

What he lacked in fine art education, Henri Rousseau made up for in his modern, colourful and imaginative style. Enter this mystical and exhilarating world by taking a look at our collection of Henri Rousseau paintings…

An incredible world of imagination

Henri Rousseau never left France, yet he travelled the world with the power of his imagination. Many of his best-loved paintings portray exotic jungle scenes, which can only have been dreamt up in his mind. However, the drama of paintings like ‘Tiger in a tropical storm’ and ‘African Attacked by a Jaguar, 1910’ feels very real!

‘If you remove these lines in the painting, the colours are no longer effective.’
(Henri Rousseau)

His portraits are also popular, with their exaggerated faces and unusual proportions. From self-portraits, such as ‘Henri Rousseau’, to playful paintings, such as ‘Celebrating a newborn’, his portraits are full of character and that distinctive childish style.

Or perhaps you like his paintings of scenes closer to home? The frozen river and snowy windmills in ‘The Winter (L’Hiver)’ have a gorgeous subtle colour palette, while the bright flags in the festive ‘The Carmagnole’ will add a vibrant pop of colour to your home.

Match your print to the perfect material

Henri Rousseau wasn’t one to stick to the rules so you can feel inspired to get creative with your choice of material. On the more traditional side of things, you can opt for an authentic museum finish by printing onto stretched cotton canvas and hanging your picture in a shadow floating frame.

Henri Rousseau’s work is also well-suited to contemporary materials, particularly slender Alu-Dibond to further enhance the intensity and contrast of his colours. His pale snowy scenes look beautiful printed onto lightweight Forex foam board, while his tropical jungle landscapes would look fantastic printed onto glossy acrylic glass or textured plywood. And if you’re looking for the most affordable option? Our high-quality photo paper gives you a great finish and can easily be framed if you wish.