Annett Tropschug

Good day, I am a freelance painter. My main themes in painting are the animals. You can find works in the real world and in humorous style. Most of the works can be found on my website. I gladly times in order. You can find me under or on Facebook at Annett Atelier I hope you enjoy browsing Yours Annett Tropschug

Annett Tropschug

Dear visitor,

I am glad that you have found the way to my pictures. Now I would like to fancy with you:

My name is Annett Tropschug and I love to give other pleasure with my pictures. My main subjects (picture subject) are to be found in the animal world. In connection with - partly rather intensive – colours, I point in amusing kind of personalities from the animal world. With my portraits I would like to fetch the animals quite near to myself. So near that we can look to them in the eyes and find again our own emotions in her eyes. 

However, there is also excursion in other areas which are as important parts of my work. Kidnap yourselves by me in the world of the colours. It is a good feeling to let go also sometimes and to see in a different light and to feel.

I would be glad very much if you come visiting me on my website (

If you have interest in the original works, write up me please directly under I am glad about every feedback!  

Now I wish you a lot of fun with rummage! ;-)

Kind regards

Annett Tropschug