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Christine Huwer

Here you are going to find the flair of my "Good-Mood-Images-Huwer" (explanation see in my vita below, please scroll down) with landscapes and still lifes. My paintings and photos in the majority show Southern motifs, especially of Tuscany.... vacation all year long :-) Let me surprise you what motifs else I have chosen :-)
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Christine Huwer

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Christine Huwer was born and grew up in Rheinland-Pfalz / Germany and still lives there with her family. Through this basis she finds peace and energy.

From her earliest childhood on she has loved painting, each creative activity, she tested and tried all sorts of techniques and materials, taught herself. She created her own artwork.

Meanwhile she has found her own colorful, somewhat impressionistic, sometimes rather naive, sometimes more realistic-inspired decorative recognizable style of painting. She sets a high value on the fact that she paints in her own way and is not forced in any such scheme, just because others do it in a certain way or teach it.

Already in the early years of childhood she dreamed of becoming a painter, but also a teacher, preferably both.

The latter she pursued determined, while the painting always remained rather her most beautiful hobby. She later even taught e.g. Fine Arts for a while and enjoyed it very much.

Travelling is another of her great passions, so that she could very well merge painting and thus always can.

At the age of 13, she was in Italy for the first time and this was sort of "love at first visit."  Since then she NEEDS TO travel to Italy from time to time and in her mind she is there very often, especially when she is painting.

She loves Italy just because of everything: beautiful landscape, vegetation, buildings, food, climate, people.

Into her images she painted all her positive thoughts, fantasies, impressions, vacation dreams but also vacation experiences which is still the case today.

Therefore it is not surprising that today besides still lifes (especially vases, bottles, cups and fruit) landscapes are among her specialties, mainly Mediterranean, especially Italian, landscapes.

As a landscape painter she prefers Tuscany motifs, so she eventually got the name "Tuscany paintress".

Of course she does not only paint South European motifs but also e.g. some of Germany, the USA, Africa or the South Seas.

You can find her paintings in many countries, such as in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France, South Africa, Chile, the USA, Canada and Mexico.

In addition to painting on larger formats, her passion are mini paintings/miniature paintings (e.g. in the formats 7x9 cm and 8x10 cm, but also smaller) for which with smallest brushes she depicts exactly the same motifs as on a large canvas.These miniature paintings belong to her specialties and are exceptional and popular gifts, souvenirs or small presents.

In painting she has specialized in painting with brushes using acrylic colors on canvases (she also likes to paint collages, mostly with wooden applications).

Often she does paintings in pairs or as triplets.

The canvases are painted around the sides, so they do not need to be framed.

For several years she has been painting watercolors, not only on watercolor paper but also on canvases which is a speciality, also.

While she initially painted more for her own use and as gifts, eventually she started selling them as there were too many :-) .
She has her own large studio at home, where she permanently exhibits her work so that visitors and customers get a quick impression of her art. In addition she has (had) her own exhibitions, e.g. in banks, town halls or doctor’s practices.

She also attends craft markets where she is painting live often.

Besides painting, photography is her second great hobby that she discovered at the age of 14 years. With her first own camera, she began to be interested more and more for photos and designing her own photo albums. She had constant practice,  experimented and taught herself and finally developed her own views and ideas.

She prefers landscape photography and portrait photography.

But basically she likes to take photos of all important in her life and sure everyone would be surprised, if she would show up somewhere without a camera.

For decades she sees the world very often with the eyes of a camera or as sections for motifs.

One of her own sayings is that most motifs do not need to be created, they are there already. You just have to see or perceive them.

Both painting and photography have taken more and more space in her life during the last 10 years.

Christine calls her pictures “Gute-Laune-Bilder-Huwer” which means “Good-Mood-Paintings/Images-Huwer" because she is always in a good mood when painting or photographing and wishes the same to viewers and buyers of her art.

With the help of her images (prints or originals) in your house you can get into a good mood and holiday feeling throughout the year.

Many of her paintings shown here you can buy as ORIGINALS. Please contact her directly   christine.huwer@gmx.de