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Christopher Nevinson

Christopher Nevinson

Evocative World War I artist

Christopher Nevinson was an English painter, perhaps best known for his paintings which depict the human side of World War I. Appointed official war artist by the Department of Information in 1917, he shone a spotlight on life in the trenches in a way that is both beautiful and gritty.

He also loved to paint landscapes, from the bright lights of New York to the sand dunes of the English coast. During World War II, he was commissioned by the Royal Air Force to capture the work of the British airmen in their planes. Take a look at our awe-inspiring collection of Christopher Nevinson paintings.

Powerful portrayals of war

During World War I, Christopher Nevinson served as an ambulance driver, both in France and at home. This was a role that would disturb him greatly, yet inspire some of his best work. From the group of exhausted soldiers in ‘Dog Tired’ to the atmosphere of grim determination in ‘returning to the trenches’, his paintings of World War I are full of emotion and drama. For a taste of World War II, choose one of his aeroplane prints, such as ‘In the Air’.

Or something a little lighter

Christopher Nevinson created paintings with a cheerier subject matter as well! Capture that lively party feel with his colourful ‘Dance Hall’ print, or the industrial hustle and bustle in ‘Loading Timber, Southampton Docks’.

He was also well known for his beautiful landscape paintings, such as his collection of ‘The Four Seasons’ paintings, beautifully portraying the year’s changing light and colours. Christopher Nevinson’s scenes of Venice are also firm favourites, with the small boats bobbing across the rippling waters.

Which material will suit your Christopher Nevinson print best?

Once you have chosen your favourite Christopher Nevinson prints, find your perfect finish with our choice of materials. For an authentic museum finish, you can’t go wrong with stretched cotton canvas, which can be either framed in an elegant floating frame or hung directly onto the wall for a more contemporary look.

Many of Christopher Nevinson’s paintings use bold colours or high contrast between light and dark, which look fantastic printed onto slender Alu-Dibond for an intense effect. His watery pieces, such as his paintings of Venice, are given a gorgeous glossy appearance when printed onto acrylic glass. And don’t forget our high-quality photo paper if you’re looking for a great finish and an affordable price.