Edgar Degas

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Edgar Degas

A renowned French realist

Edgar Degas is often hailed as one of the founders of the impressionist movement – something he strongly rejected! He preferred to describe his work as realist, capturing the truth of a scene. He’s particularly famous for his paintings of dancers and racehorses, showing a unique talent for capturing a captivating sense of movement with his paintbrush.

He also loved to paint portraits in his quest to become a historical painter. Edgar Degas paintings are a masterclass in painting technique thanks to his devotion to studying the great masters of classic art. Dive into our collection of Edgar Degas artwork and discover the exhilarating behind-the-scenes world of 19th-century France.

Dancing across the canvas

You’ll find a wonderful selection of dance-inspired Degas prints to enjoy. Decorate the rooms of any young ballet fans in the family with one of his gorgeous paintings from the ballet studio. From the pre-show preparations of ‘The Rehearsal’ to the big moment onstage in ‘End of an Arabesque’, Edgar Degas beautifully portrays the strength and grace of ballerinas – perfect for inspiring your young dancers!

You’ll also find a number of classic nudes that would work really well hung in a bathroom – Edgar Degas seemed to enjoy painting women drying themselves after a bath – to bring an artistic touch to your bathing. The charcoal sketch ‘Bather Drying Herself’ is one of our favourites.

Animal fans will love his beautiful paintings and sketches of horses, such as ‘Horse with Saddle and Bridle’ or the galloping ‘Horses’.

Treat your Edgar Degas print to the perfect material

You have a choice of materials when it comes to printing your Edgar Degas. The artistry of his brushstrokes is given an authentic finish when printed onto stretched cotton canvas. You could even frame it in a floating frame for a historical effect he would have loved.

Edgar Degas’ black-and-white sketches, on the other hand, look fantastic printed onto lightweight Forex foam board to enhance the fine details of the print. If you’re planning to hang your print in the bathroom, then why not opt for one of our modern waterproof materials, such as slender aluminium or glossy acrylic glass? Not only will your print withstand any splashing, you’ll also be treated to a vibrant finish.

And our affordable and high-quality photo paper option makes sure that Edgar Degas masterpieces can be enjoyed by everybody!