Ernst Haeckel

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Ernst Haeckel

A man of many talents

The German artist, Ernst Haeckel, wore many hats: biologist, philosopher, zoologist, naturalist, professor. And, of course, artist! He is responsible for discovering and naming thousands of new biological species, a lifetime of work that had a profound influence on his art.

Ernst Haeckel loved to draw and paint the species he was studying, capturing their appearance right down to the tiniest of details. Ernst Haeckel inspires us to see the beauty in everything that nature has to offer. Learn more about the incredible creatures we share our world with by diving into our collection of Ernst Haeckel art.

Transforming nature into art

Whilst the attention to detail in Ernst Haeckel’s work is breathtaking, his prints are so much more than academic studies in biology. His artistic side brings nature to life on the canvas to create gorgeous, and fascinating, works of art. Some of his most intriguing pieces feature the often unseen natural world, from deep-sea creatures to microscopic organisms. We love paintings like ‘Siphonophorae 7’ and ‘Acanthophracta’ that introduce us to new sights – you may have to research the subject of your print but that’s part of the fun!

Ernst Haeckel prints are a fantastic gift for budding young scientists to open their eyes to the sheer variety of species out there. Even if you’re not a biology fan, many of his artworks would work really well as part of the graphic patterns trend. Prints such as ‘Thalamophora 81’ have a cool contemporary feel, with their pattern-like structure and monochrome colour palette.

Pair your print with the perfect material

When it comes to choosing the best material for your Ernst Haeckel print, you have a number of options. Stretched cotton canvas is a great choice that can either look modern when hung directly on the wall or traditional when framed in a floating frame.

If you have chosen a pencil sketch with a white background, then lightweight Forex foam board is a great choice. All those tiny details that Ernst Haeckel is so famous for will be beautifully enhanced.

Prints with a bolder colour palette will be given an intense finish when printed onto slender Alu-Dibond. Or why not hang a print of marine creatures in your bathroom for an underwater feel? Glossy acrylic glass not only looks smart but is also totally splash-proof!