Hartmut Buse

Hartmut Buse



I was born in Bischofswerda and live in Dresden now.

As far as I remember my earliest childhood, I have always liked painting and drawing. Today, I am especially fascinated by watercolour painting. The watercolour technique is a style of painting that meets my spontaneous style very well.

I like the transparency and lightness of watercolour paints. An intense relationship with nature, experiencing the environment, my own imagination but also rather random and abstract controlled colour assignments lead to the creation of my images. Over time, I have discovered the world of digital art for myself. It is always exciting to see how any kind of art can be recreated in new ways. By now, I regard digital and matte painting as belonging to the most important techniques with the help of which I bring my thoughts and mental images to life on the computer.


2005 and 2006, watercolour and sketch classes by Eckard Funck, Balderschwang.

2009 to 2011, DTP study at the Hamburg Technical School of Art.