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John Constable

John Constable

A real Romantic

One of the most famous of the 19th-century English Romantics, John Constable painted what he loved – the English countryside. Many of his paintings showcase the beautiful landscapes of Suffolk, his home county. Rolling hills, gently meandering rivers and leafy trees all create a tranquil atmosphere, as if you’re out for a pleasant Sunday stroll. John Constable had a real talent for capturing the beauty of the skies, whether filled with fluffy white clouds, sunbeams or the menace of a brewing storm.

He was considered a quiet rebel in his time, preferring to paint while out and about in nature rather than by using his imagination. It is this love of immersing himself in the outside that gives John Constable artwork such a wonderful realism. Why not treat yourself to a getaway in one of the most picturesque parts of England by choosing some John Constable paintings for your wall?

Choose your favourite landscape

No one painted the English countryside with more affection than John Constable. You’ll find a fantastic selection of landscapes to choose from, all oozing with English charm. Paintings of rivers are popular, whether you love the old-fashioned watermill in ‘Mill at Gillingham’ or the grand architecture in ‘The Bridge of Harnham and Salisbury Cathedral’.

John Constable’s portrayal of the mystical ‘Stonehenge’ is one of his more dramatic works, with dark skies that really complement the mystery of the location. If you prefer something lighter, one of his cloud studies would add a beautiful, airy feel to a room that needs some brightening. Or why not choose a John Constable print of the seaside for your bathroom? ‘Brighton Beach’ and ‘Osmington Bay’ are two of our coastal favourites.

Which material will look best?

You can choose from a range of materials for your John Constable print, so have a little think about which would work best with your chosen picture and decor. If you want to create an authentic museum-style finish most in keeping with the era, then printing onto stretched cotton canvas looks the most traditional, especially when paired with a floating frame.

Prints with a high proportion of white, such as his cloud studies for example, look great printed onto lightweight Forex foam board, while pictures with more intensive colours really stand out when printed onto slender Alu-Dibond. And don’t forget about our high-quality photo paper if your budget is tight – you get a fantastic finish and your poster can easily be framed.