Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci

Grand master of the Renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci, the celebrated Italian artist, is best known for creating some of the most famous artworks of the golden Renaissance era back in the 15th century. His genius also extended to maths, science and inventing, but it is his artwork that truly shines.

His style was all about bringing the power of observation and detail to a range of scenes. Whether he was painting celestial pictures of angels, studies of animals or self-portraits, his attention to detail brings his paintings to life.

Inspired as much by the beauty of nature as his spiritual beliefs, Leonardo da Vinci artwork covers a wide range of subjects, from the down-to-earth to the heavenly. Take a look at our selection of da Vinci art to find your favourite.

Pick a masterpiece, from the ‘Mona Lisa’ to ‘The Last Supper’

Few art collections are as packed with famous masterpieces as our Leonardo da Vinci paintings! And the most loved of all? The wry smile of the ‘Mona Lisa’ of course. Bring this iconic portrait to your walls for a real touch of class. Or how about the ill-fated biblical gathering depicted in ‘The Last Supper’?

Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated with the anatomy of the human body and his sketches are a triumph of both artistic beauty and science. ‘Vitruvian man’ is one of his best-known, capturing the proportions of the body, while others go under the skin, such as ‘Muscles of shoulder, arm and neck’ – perfect for the rooms of any aspiring young biologists.

Complement your Leonardo da Vinci print with the perfect material

Works of art as great as these deserve the best possible finish. For a truly authentic effect, Leonardo da Vinci pieces are best printed on cotton canvas that has been stretched across a wooden frame. To enhance the historical look of your painting further, choosing a floating frame will make your print look as if it is fresh off the walls of the Louvre gallery!

While canvas gives you the finish that is most in keeping with the era and style of da Vinci’s paintings, you can also get creative and choose a more modern material to update things. Glossy acrylic glass and sleek Alu-Dibond both bring a vibrant and contemporary finish to these beautiful Renaissance paintings. And don’t forget our high-quality photo paper – not only does it look great, it makes owning a Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece affordable for everyone!