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Louis Wain

Louis Wain

Calling all cat lovers – it’s Louis Wain!

Do you love cats? So did the English artist, Louis Wain. Drawing around the turn of the 20th century, he quickly became known as ‘the man who drew cats’ thanks to his quirky pictures of cats. Louis Wain prints have a colourful and humorous style that is loved by many – whether you’re a fan of cats or not!

Over the years his paintings and drawings became more exaggerated and outlandish, prompting rumours about his mental state. All we know is that we love his unique pictures and we know you will too. Check out our selection to find your favourite cat-tastic print…

Purr-fect cat portraits

Those cute faces, that soft fur and those fluffy whiskers – who doesn’t love cats? While many Louis Wain creations are on the wacky side, you’ll also find some adorable realistic portraits. ‘Rest in the garden’ portrays a luxuriously fluffy black-and-white cat relaxing in beautiful surroundings, while ‘Cat head leaf pattern’ features a friendly-looking cat with a lovable smile. If you love cats, then you’ll know these pictures will look at home in any room of the house – but we think they give an especially cosy feel to a living room or kitchen, where your pet cats will also be able to admire them!

Feline fun

Louis Wain liked to have fun with his art, dressing up his favourite creatures in a range of outfits. For a colourful print, ‘Three cats performing a song and dance’ has a lively trio of cats complete with top hats and bowties. The black-and-white drawing ‘Cat fishing’ has a more sombre feel, while ‘Cat in golf’ is pure humour. Treat yourself to a daily chuckle with one of these imaginative characters.

Match your Louis Wain print with the right material

Choose from a range of materials to make sure your new prints look their best. If you have chosen a Louis Wain pencil sketch with a white background than opting for lightweight Forex foam board is your best bet, as it really helps the fine details stand out.

If you have chosen one of his more colourful pictures, then either traditional canvas or more modern materials, such as acrylic glass or slender aluminium, will enhance your print the most. And don’t worry if your budget is tight, printing onto high-quality photo paper still gives you a great finish at an affordable price.