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Paul Gauguin

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Paul Gauguin

French pioneer of Symbolism

He might have been unappreciated during his lifetime, but Paul Gauguin is now considered a highly influential 19th-century artist. He’s even said to have inspired Picasso! Although originally an Impressionist, Paul Gauguin broke away from that style to embrace the more whimsical Symbolist movement, with its dreamy and mystical feel.

Paul Gauguin paintings have a philosophical and spiritual side to them, rather than simply reflecting the reality of the everyday. He drew much inspiration from his travels around the world, visiting Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. This gives Gauguin prints a vivid and exotic look, perfect for injecting some bright colours into your home. So treat yourself to a journey around the globe with our collection of Paul Gauguin artwork.

From Paris to the Pacific

Paul Gauguin was a well-travelled artist. His earliest works feature that gorgeous French countryside of his homeland, but the majority of his paintings were created in faraway lands. If you love the Impressionist style, choose one of his early paintings, such as ‘Vase of Flowers’ or ‘Breton Girls Dancing Pont-Aven’, and enjoy the evocative French atmosphere he creates.

If you’re drawn to Paul Gauguin’s more exotic works, you will love his paintings of French Polynesia. Popular choices include ‘Nafea faa ipoipo’ and ‘Tahitian Landscape with Mountains’. He seems to be equally inspired by the landscape and people of the places he visited.

Or perhaps you would like to discover the man behind the paintings with his colourful ‘Paul Gauguin’ self-portrait?

Which material will work best with my print?

Paul Gauguin’s distinctive style works well with a variety of materials. He loved to paint in bright colours that reflected the sunny climate of the countries he visited. Make those colours pop by printing onto slender Alu-Dibond for a colour-intensive effect.

Glossy acrylic glass gives pictures a beautiful sense of depth, while traditional stretched cotton canvas gives his paintings the authentic museum style they deserve – especially where framed in an elegant floater frame.

If you have chosen a snowy Paul Gauguin print with a high proportion of white, such as ‘Breton Village in winter’, consider opting for a lightweight Forex foam board. And if you’re on a budget, our high-quality photo paper gives you a fantastic finish at an affordable price.