Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir

One of the finest French Impressionists

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was one of the leading painters of the 19th century Impressionist movement. Along with his fellow greats, such as Monet and Sisley, he produced vivid romantic paintings full of movement and light. Step into the world of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and you’ll find yourself enjoying long summer days in the French countryside, watching the sun set over the waves or strolling through picturesque French towns.

His paintings have a year-round holiday feel to them and are the perfect way to inject some sunshine into your home. Amongst our collection of Renoir paintings, you’ll also find plenty of beautiful portraits that can bring a certain grand elegance to your interior design.

Paintings of the good life

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was known for painting happy scenes and pretty landscapes. His masterpiece paintings have a joyful atmosphere that reflect the pleasure he found in creating them – he is famous for saying, ‘if painting were not a pleasure to me I should certainly not do it’.  Embrace the joy and choose a print you love, whether it’s a landscape, portrait or still life. Flowers, children playing, parties and balls, music and holidays by the sea – he obviously knew how to have a good time! ‘Ball at the Moulin de la Galette’ and ‘The Bathers’ are among some of our good-time favourites.

Transport yourself to rural France

With his talent for capturing the light, Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted some of the most spectacular impressionist landscapes. His works provide a glimpse of the beauty of France, from its rugged coastlines and golden beaches, to its tranquil canals and lush countryside. Popular pieces include the white cliffs in ‘Beach at Varangeville’ and the wild blooming flowers of ‘Summer landscape’. Looking at these paintings you can almost feel the hazy warmth of the French sunshine beating down on your face. Blissful!

A choice of materials to complement your painting

You can choose from a range of materials to finish your print, from high-quality photo paper to slender aluminium sheets. But the classic style and fine brushstrokes are surely complemented best when printed on canvas. Give your print from Pierre-Auguste Renoir the look of an authentic painting by adding in a floating frame and you’ve created a genuine gallery style in your own home.  After all, paintings this good deserve a quality finish!