Piet Mondrian

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Piet Mondrian

Colourful Dutch masterpieces

Treat yourself to an iconic print by the famous Dutch artist, Piet Mondrian. A leading artist in the ‘De Stijl’ movement (which translates as ‘The Style’), his distinctive pieces use bold colours and striking simplicity to create a unique style.

The most famous Mondrian prints use bright blocks of primary colours divided by strong black lines – but you’ll also find some of his lesser-known work in our collection. These Piet Mondrian paintings provide a surprising contrast with softer colours, fluid lines and beautiful landscapes. One thing’s for sure, Piet Mondrian artwork is never dull! Have a browse to find a print to complement your décor.

Bold ‘De Stijl’ art

Bring some serious style into your home with a classic piece from Piet Mondrian. Even if you haven’t heard his name before, few people are unfamiliar with his memorable modern artworks, such as ‘Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue or Black’.

Choose from posters that capture small sections of this famous print or fill your wall with a large print of the full composition. Either way, you’re instantly adding some edgy urban cool to your interior design. This piece works best hung on bright white walls for a real gallery look.

Another classic from Piet Mondrian is the equally colourful ‘Broadway Boogie-Woogie 1942’ – its bright colours and small squares perfectly portraying the hustle and bustle of New York.

Soft colours, big impact

If you find primary colours a little on the bold side, take a look at some of the subtler Piet Mondrian works. The contemporary style and soft greys of ‘Blossoming apple tree’ would work well in a relaxing bedroom or bathroom, while ‘Composition in b&w’ has all of that angular Mondrian style in a more delicate colour palette.

Some of his more traditional pieces feature stunning landscapes and nature scenes, from the golden sunset of ‘Summer Night’ to the deep blues of ‘Evening’.

Choose your perfect material

Complement your Piet Mondrian print with the right material and your poster will look even more eye-catching! High-quality photo paper gives you a great performance at an affordable price, but you’ll also find a range of other materials to choose from.

Piet Mondrian’s bold primary colours look fantastic printed on modern materials, such as Alu-Dibond or acrylic glass, to give an intense and glossy finish. His more traditional paintings, on the other hand, will look beautifully authentic printed on canvas – and perhaps hung in a floating frame?