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Rembrandt van Rijn

The Dutch portrait master

Thought to be one of the greatest Dutch artists, creating work during Holland’s Golden Age in the 17th century, Rembrandt van Rijn painted his way into the history books. His style evolved throughout his long career, yet Rembrandt paintings have a distinctive look to them.

Perhaps it is his use of light and soft brush strokes? Perhaps it is thanks to his love of painting from life? All we know is that Rembrandt artwork thoroughly deserves its place in history – and now it can also have a place on your walls! Whether you want to create a sense of historical grandeur with one of his famous portraits or capture the beauty of the Dutch countryside, you’ll find a wonderful selection of Rembrandt prints to choose from.

Compelling faces

While Rembrandt did paint some landscapes and animal studies, he is most famous for his portraits. His indescribable talent for capturing the life-like qualities of the human face make for an awe-inspiring collection of portraits, including some surprisingly endearing self-portraits.

‘Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.’

We love the sense of pride and strength in military portraits, such as ‘Man with the Golden Helmet’ and ‘Pallas Athene’. But then we also love the gentle innocence of Rembrandt’s biblical portraits, such as ‘Simeon with Christ Child’ and ‘Ascension of Christ’. If you prefer landscape paintings, you’ll also find some picturesque scenes to choose from, such as the serene pastoral landscape in ‘The Stone Bridge’.

Match your Rembrandt print to its perfect material

Now you have chosen your masterpiece, make sure you complement it with the right material. For an authentically historical style that matches Rembrandt’s work, consider choosing stretched cotton canvas on a wooden frame. Enhance it even further with a floating frame and your print will look ready to hang on the walls of any gallery.

If you prefer a slender finish, the intense contrast between light and shade in much of Rembrandt’s work will work beautifully printed on contemporary Alu-Dibond or acrylic glass for a glossy finish. The fine details of Rembrandt pencil sketches on white backgrounds look their best printed on Forex foam board – which has the added bonus of being light enough to hang safely on any wall. And for fantastic finish at an affordable price, you can’t go wrong with our high-quality photo paper that is quick and easy to frame.