Sybille Sterk

I mainly work as a photo artist for the book industry with many published covers around the world. For myself and my sanity, I also create media art with a surreal, abstract or conceptual idea behind it. I also dabble in typography. I love fairy tales and nature, and both are often the focus of my art. I live in Cambridge, England, with my partner, son and two black cats.
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Sybille Sterk

I am a very creative person and it’s my way of dealing with the world, inside and out. I am only happy when I am making things or painting or writing. There are just not enough hours in the day….

The inspiration for all my art is varied, it’s often nature (flowers, birds and insects in particular), fairy tales and soul searching.

My texture, stock and brush collections can be found on my DA account:

They are free to download and use for personal projects. Commercial licenses are available at very reasonable prices.

Visit my blog for more info and regular updates: