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Tiziano Vecellio

A great artist of the Italian Renaissance

Titian, or Tiziano Vecellio, is the most celebrated artist of the Italian Renaissance, achieving international acclaim and recognition. He lived and worked in Venice, painting everything from portraits to altarpieces. His style went through many evolutions during his long career, but it is his mastery of painting techniques that has made him so famous.

‘It is not bright colours but good drawing that makes figures beautiful.’

Titian painted portraits of some of the most powerful people of his era, but was also inspired by mythology, nature and the Bible. Get acquainted with our collection of Titian artwork and discover some of the greatest masterpieces from the golden era of art.

A world-renowned portrait painter

You’ll find a wide range of portraits painted by Titian to choose from, as he was in high demand for this service during his lifetime. Bring a sense of history and regal pride into your home with a portrait of a member of the aristocracy. We love the ‘Duke of Alva’ in his magnificent armour or ‘Isabella of Portugal’ with her beautiful porcelain skin and fine jewels.

Titian also painted many portraits of mythical figures, from Bible characters to Greek goddesses. The adorable cherubs in ‘The Worship of Venus’ or the tender moment portrayed in ‘Madonna with Rabbit’ would make a lovely addition to a child’s nursery. While one of Titian’s fantastic nudes, such as ‘Venus, Mars and Cupid’ or ‘Danae’, would perhaps be more at home in your own bedroom!

Give your masterpiece the best possible finish

With art as amazing as Titian’s timeless classics, it’s worth choosing your materials carefully to make sure they look their best. Of course, these exquisite paintings would look most authentic if printed onto stretched cotton canvas and hung in a gallery-style floating frame. This gives you the finish that is most in keeping with their historical period.

However, the bold colours and contrast of many of his paintings would also work well printed on contemporary Alu-Dibond to give an intense and slimline finish. Paintings with a higher proportion of white, such as ‘Venus Rising from the Sea’, would look wonderful printed onto lightweight Forex foam board for a soft and subtle effect. And don’t forget, the beauty of our high quality photo paper is that the art world’s greatest masterpieces are now affordable for everybody!