Wassily Kandinsky

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Wassily Kandinsky

An abstract art pioneer

Wassily Kandinsky is thought to be one of the first artists to create modern abstract art. The Russian painter did not take up painting until the age of 30, but quickly became the key member of the avant-garde Expressionist movement of the early 20th century.

He lived, painted and taught in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden before finally settling in France, where he would live out the rest of his days. Wassily Kandinsky artwork is known for its complexity and spirituality, he painted to bring out people’s emotions rather than to capture reality. And that is what makes his work so fascinating!

Wassily Kandinsky was particularly inspired by music, making musical Kandinsky paintings the perfect gift choice for music lovers in your life. So dive head first into the creative world of Kandinsky art – who knows where the journey may take you?

Lively abstract art

Kandinsky prints have a real sense of energy and movement to them, possibly reflecting his love of music. Treat yourself to one of his colourful masterpieces and you are sure to create a talking point in your home.

‘Composition VII’ is widely thought of as his most important work, portraying the dark themes of the Apocalypse in surprisingly bright rainbow colours. Another favourite, which would go really well with rooms decorated in today’s Scandi interior design trends, is ‘Orange’, with its bold colours and graphical shapes. Or perhaps you would love the deep colours and softer, circular lines of ‘Counterweights’?

You’ll also find some more traditional Wassily Kandinsky pieces to enjoy, with beautiful landscapes, such as ‘Park of Saint Cloud’ and ‘Beach chairs in Holland’.

Which material is right for my Wassily Kandinsky print?

When it comes to choosing the best material to make your Wassily Kandinsky picture shine, we’ve got you covered, with a great range to choose from. His earlier, more traditional landscape paintings would look lovely printed on canvas and framed in an authentic floater frame. His wilder, abstract pieces, however, are well-suited to our contemporary materials, such as glossy acrylic glass and slim-line aluminium.

His paintings which have a high proportion of white look best when printed on lightweight Forex foam board, while art lovers on a budget get a great finish for an affordable price with high-quality photo paper. Now you just need to choose the perfect spot for your new print!