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William Blake

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William Blake

Romantic poet and artist

William Blake was a 19th-century artist who created poems, sketches and paintings during the Romantic era. Unappreciated during his lifetime, he is now considered one of the most inspirational figures of the period thanks to his moving poems and dramatic works of art.

William Blake art sometimes has a dark and gothic feel to it, with fiery scenes depicting scary beasts and the devil playing a big role in his work. You’ll also find some gentler William Blake paintings, as well as transcriptions of some of his best-loved poems. Whether you’re looking for a jaw-dropping statement piece or a tranquil countryside scene, explore the wild world of William Blake to find your favourites.

Biblical inspiration

William Blake drew on the stories of the Bible for much of his inspiration. Not one to stick to innocent paintings of angels and cherubs however, he loved to revel in the more shocking biblical scenes! Some of his most striking paintings have a hellish look, from the devil in ‘The number of the beast is 666’ to ‘The great red dragon and the woman with the sun’.

Indulge in your dark side and hang these fascinating prints in a cosy study or against a deep red feature wall. If you prefer a happier William Blake piece, you might love the starry staircase in ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ or the beautifully moving embrace in ‘The Reunion of the soul and the body’.

And don’t forget about his poetry – choosing an illustrated print of a favourite poem, such as ‘The Sick Rose’ or ‘The Tyger’, can make a thoughtful gift for a loved one.

Which material to choose?

Once you have chosen your favourite William Blake prints, you need to decide which material you would like them to be printed on. His paintings look wonderfully authentic when printed on stretched cotton canvas and you can give them an extra gallery touch by framing them in the sophisticated floater frame.

The intense colours of many of his works would be well-suited to the bold finish of slender Alu-Dibond to bring out their rich colour palette, while the soft pale tones of some of the pastoral paintings or poems would look great printed on lightweight Forex foam board.

And if you want to give these 19th-century artworks a glossy contemporary finish, why not try printing on acrylic glass for a unique look? Or choose our high-quality photo paper for an affordable but beautiful effect.