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Maxi Posters
Maxi Posters

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Maxi posters - big format for a big presence

A maxi poster or placard on your door will really make it stand out! Regardless of whether the photo poster is depicting a waterfall in a rain forest, an erotic nude or Homer Simpson - there is always an attractive option for individually designing your bathroom entrance, kitchen or living room. Ordering a door poster online from Posterlounge is really simple as you can find giant posters for nearly every theme collection which can also be quickly displayed according to size and shape. Whether you want your door poster to depict an ocean and beach scene or music stars from Madonna to Lady Gaga, you will be spoilt for choice at our XXL poster shop. Along with your poster, you will also receive our XXL themes either as an art print or canvas in two further high-quality variants for your home.

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Our most popular maxi poster categories

Movies & TV

Maxi posters for doors and walls - individual and good value

Maxi posters do not normally require a frame and this is also hard to find in large format if you want to keep your costs down. Adhesive strips or poster strips are usually sufficient for fixing large posters into their new position. Maxi posters are really good for celebrity or entertainment posters but their size alone means that they have a large impact on your door or wall. For instance, if you are a Justin Bieber fan or you like the Twilight vampire series, there are a range of movie, music and sports posters that can be ordered from Posterlounge as maxi posters. Does your bathroom have a window, then seal it shut! Does your living room wall have a lot of tiny holes from previous picture frames? Seal them over! Does your kitchen lack a tiled backsplash and you don’t want woodchip paper above your worktop? Seal them over! You can achieve this really easily and at low cost with a maxi poster from Posterlounge!

Maxi prints - giant posters as your home’s stand-out feature

Our maxi prints - giant posters are mostly available in panoramic format, in vertical or horizontal panorama. Along with low price entertainment posters which include starposters, merchandise and brand posters, we also offer exceptionally fine prints as giant posters. Whether in a modern style, as an abstract painting or classic photograph, we have themes to suit every taste which can be ordered either as posters, art prints or canvas. Artists such as Paul Klee use their creations to transform every dark corner into a bright artistic landscape, just as giant format Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn posters and maxi print versions of city posters provide highlights for your walls! Try us out!