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Echoing nature – the elegance of beige

The term ‘beige’ was originally first used in French, around 1900, to define the colour of undyed wool and cotton. And indeed, this colour exudes a sense of nature and timelessness. That’s how we know for sure that beige posters effortlessly withstand a multitude of fleeting trends without losing their radiance and impact. The boho style, associated with natural aesthetics and hippie-like cosiness, can be wonderfully accentuated with beige-coloured posters. In our range, you will find fabulous photographs of pampas grass and ears of corn by Magda Izzard, bringing enchanting understated elegance to your spaces. We also have classics like the sketches and paintings by Egon Schiele. Explore our diverse selection of beige posters!

Creating calm and warmth with beige on your walls

Opting for beige in the nursery is somewhat unconventional! However, it can’t be disputed – this earthy light shade has an incredibly soothing, calming effect – something that’s highly beneficial in bedrooms and living rooms. And that’s how our posters in beige create simple accents and exude stylish elegance, particularly with our handcrafted LOFT wooden frames. No matter whether it’s abstract shapes in light, earthy tones or floral snippets of wallpaper, our beige posters are beautiful prints with sublime colour application and lasting radiance, guaranteeing a fantastic print result regardless of size. Explore our wooden and aluminium poster frames and give your wall decor the finishing touch!

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