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Hollywood at home – we bring the stars to you

Wall art with stars and celebrities instantly adds a hefty dose of glamour to your wall. Marilyn Monroe shines even brighter on an acrylic print, a colourful Freddie Mercury almost bursts out of his framed poster with vivid brilliance and Charlie Chaplin ushers in modern times on aluminium prints. Our range of materials and sizes combines with a colourful selection of celebrities from various fields. Here, art merges with pop culture, turning every wall into a Wall of Fame. Our wall art featuring stars and celebs ranges from small-format posters to life-sized canvas prints – find the perfect size for your favourite true great.

From the red carpet to your white wall: Curtain up for our wall art

Stars and starlets fit into any room, whether it’s Jules from Pulp Fiction enjoying a burger in your kitchen or Laurel and Hardy amusingly ensuring peace in your bedroom. Our wall art featuring stars and celebrities turns any living area into a VIP hotspot. We provide the perfect frame for every design on a range of materials. Each of our pictures is only produced on ordering – and, if desired, can then be framed; but rest assured, either way, our pieces are always delivered ready to hang. Browse our wall art portfolio featuring stars and celebrities to find your personal favourite and showcase them brilliantly.